Arc&Co. Aircraft Leasing (ACAL) has developed a 5 year operating lease solution to complement the existing 12 - 36 month platform.

The unique benefits of the ACAL solution are:

* The flight routes will not automatically be restricted by sanction sensitive countries (case by case)
* The agreement to purchase below FMV Fixed Price Purchase Option at the end of lease, giving the Lessee the opportunity to benefit from market conditions but without obligation.
* There will be no balloon payment at lease termination, thus completely removing the residual value exposure

Qualifying Aircraft:

* 10 years or younger at lease termination
* Midsize cabin and above

The structure of the new ACAL operating lease solution is possibly the most flexible available in today's market; protecting the downside for the client while allowing them to choose to benefit from any upside.

Arc & Co. Aircraft Leasing move to a new location to facilitate continued growth

Arc & Co. Aircraft Leasing has moved to a new location at 30 St. George Street, Mayfair, London.  The newly refurbished space provides an ideal professional and discrete environment to host clients that live nearby or are traveling into London from abroad.

Leon Batchelor, MD of ACAL said of the move “We are proud that the high demand for our business jet proposition has enabled us to move and continue to grow. Our move to larger premises but remaining in Mayfair demonstrates our continued commitment to stay close to our clients. I would like to invite our industry colleagues to visit us at our new home and discuss how we can work together.”

If you would like to know more about the benefits of aircraft operating leases, please contact the Arc&Co. Aircraft Leasing team.

Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft available for lease from February

Arc & Co. currently have two high specification Falcon 7X available for lease from February.

  • 2010 and 2011 vintage
  • 12 month lease
  • No down payment required
  • Up to 3 month security deposit
  • Monthly lease rentals include maintenance
  • Aircraft could be available for purchase at the end of the lease

For more information CLICK HERE to download brochures on our available aircraft or contact a member of the Arc & Co. team for further details.

Arc & Co. Aircraft Leasing at MEBAA

Leon Batchelor and Jonathon Spitznagel of Arc & Co. Aircraft Leasing are attending MEBAA in Dubai from the 6th-7th December.  If you would like to discuss any of the following or arrange a meeting whilst there, please do not hesitate to contact Leon or Jonathon via the Enquire Now link:

  • Business aircraft leasing
  • Business aircraft financing
  • Trade-in bridge finance


Aviation industry worldwide feels the effect of Brexit uncertainty

The shadow of uncertainty cast by the UK’s referendum on whether to remain or leave the EU has left little untouched.  Currency markets are volatile with sterling, the euro and the US-dollar all battling up and down against each as other as polls swing back and forth on which way the UK will vote.

The European business jet industry has not been able to escape the jitters in the market. As currency changes value, as does the cost of aircraft. Both companies and individuals have placed purchase decisions on hold until the dust settles but no one is able to predict how long that might take.

For those who require the use of business jets there are ways to mitigate the uncertainty.

Arc & Co. Aircraft Leasing (ACAL) has created short term leasing options over 12, 24 and 36 months with fixed costs on a full ACMI contract (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance). This method of business jet use enables would be buyers to enjoy the benefits and efficiency gains derived from business jet travel, in a financially forecastable manner and with no residual value risk. ACAL removes the risk in uncertain times, leaving clients to get on with business.

Arc & Co. to sponsor tonight's Private Client Dining Club - Zurich

Arc & Co. the London based aircraft finance and leasing company are sponsoring tonight's Private Client Dining Club (PCD) in Zurich.  Following on from the EBACE2016 event in Geneva the Arc & Co. team are remaining in Switzerland a little longer to take the opportunity to meet with more potential clients.   PCD is an international network for advisors to high net worth individuals. Regular events have been established in London, Edinburgh, Geneva and Zurich.

Arc & Co. aircraft leasing to attend EBACE2016

Leon Bachelor and Jonathon Spitznagel from the Arc & Co. Aircraft Leasing team will be attending this years EBACE event in Geneva between the 24th and 26th May.  Arc & Co. Aircraft Leasing provides a full turnkey operational solution to business jet users. With short term leases of between 12 and 36 months on a full ACMI contract (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) we can offer complete piece of mind for the use of your business jet.

If you would like to find out how aircraft leasing can help your business or arrange a meeting please send us a message by following this link.  MEETING

CIT goes home

In the game of banking, often the real competition is not other lenders, but your colleagues in different departments competing with you for capital. Many heads of business jet finance are at least as good at selling to management as they are at selling to clients. One valid argument is that if you do not offer business jet finance to clients they will go to another bank. This is particularly true in private banking.
But sometimes, your bank just changes strategy.

CIT Bank has just done this. After many years of financing business aircraft outside the US, the bank has changed its overall strategy. It now wants to focus on US deals as it tries to become a leading domestic middle-market bank. Although it is still open for US clients, CIT Business Aircraft Finance is now closed to international clients. The bank is also looking to sell or spin-off CIT Aerospace, its commercial aircraft leasing business.

This is a big loss to the international business jet market.

The bank had good leadership, a strong team and worked in a part of the market where there was demand for its products. Hopefully others institutions will help fill this. Global Jet Capital, Stonebriar and Arc & Co are flying the flag for non-bank financiers. Some banks, like the UK’s Lombard, have got a new mandate to grow. Bank of America, Investec and SG Equipment Finance, amongst others, are still very competitive in their key markets. But there is still room for new lenders (and this is something that will be covered at the EBACE transactions seminar).

Nature may abhor a vacuum, but banks tend to hunt in packs. Eight years on, there are still finance gaps that have not been filled since the Global Financial Crisis.
Have a good weekend,

Corporate Jet Investor

Arc & Co. add business aircraft leasing to their range of services

Arc&Co., the London aircraft and yacht finance arranger, is now offering short term aircraft finance for owners and has also launched Arc&Co. Aircraft Leasing (ACAL). It says that its leasing product is the simplest way to get a business jet.

ACAL is offering leases of between one-year and three-year terms with the aircraft managed by operators. This means that aircraft come with pilots, crew, insurance and maintenance all pre-arranged.

The International Bureau of Aviation (IBA Group) will provide independent analysis including asset valuations, technical and engine management and industry research for customers.

“Business jets are all about saving time,” said Leon Batchelor, managing director of Arc&Co. Marine and Aviation. “But buying a business jet is complicated. Our lease programme is the simplest way for someone looking to discover the benefits of business aviation for themselves.”

“Because you take the aircraft with most of the costs already fixed in, leasing from ACAL also allows you to forecast the aircraft expenditure accurately, while also mitigating the depreciation.” added Batchelor. “Our contracts are also much simpler than buying an aircraft.”

ACAL aims to arrange leases in less than one month. It also says that the product could be useful for clients looking for interim lift until new aircraft deliver.

Arc&Co. Aircraft Finance will provides short term aircraft financing to business jet owners – again for between one year and three years. Owners can use this short term bridge financing to get cash quickly and remove the operational costs by leasing the aircraft through ACAL.

“We are really excited to be working with manufacturers and owners seeking a short term financing solution.” said Jonathon Spitznagel, Aircraft Originations. “There are many institutions offering long-term aircraft finance, but we believe that there is an opportunity to provide short term flexible capital to the business jet industry.”

Arc&Co. hopes to close its first deal in April.