Aviation industry worldwide feels the effect of Brexit uncertainty

The shadow of uncertainty cast by the UK’s referendum on whether to remain or leave the EU has left little untouched.  Currency markets are volatile with sterling, the euro and the US-dollar all battling up and down against each as other as polls swing back and forth on which way the UK will vote.

The European business jet industry has not been able to escape the jitters in the market. As currency changes value, as does the cost of aircraft. Both companies and individuals have placed purchase decisions on hold until the dust settles but no one is able to predict how long that might take.

For those who require the use of business jets there are ways to mitigate the uncertainty.

Arc & Co. Aircraft Leasing (ACAL) has created short term leasing options over 12, 24 and 36 months with fixed costs on a full ACMI contract (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance). This method of business jet use enables would be buyers to enjoy the benefits and efficiency gains derived from business jet travel, in a financially forecastable manner and with no residual value risk. ACAL removes the risk in uncertain times, leaving clients to get on with business.